Everyone needs a Big Sister - Video Transcript

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Secondary Student One morning a Learner Guide told me I’m going to receive support from CAMFED and I was very happy.


Text …like our graduates in the CAMFED Association, many of whom are trained ‘”learner guides.”


Secondary Student The Learner Guide is different from a teacher. The teacher teaches to test and grade students. But the Learner Guide serves as a role model and a mentor to students. She also teaches students to dream big and imagine a better and a brighter future. They [CAMFED] send role models to motivate us in different things such as how we can achieve our goals; the way we can overcome our challenges that we are facing. 


Secondary Student CAMFED Association members are friendly, they come to our school to share their life story with us, how they have made it and how we can also succeed in life.


Secondary Student They helped me in supporting me in the materials like study books, pamphlets, and helping me with how I can make my studies successful.


Secondary Student They reach us through My Better World sessions and they also come and monitor us with our studies and encourage us.


Secondary Student I participate in My Better World sessions. My Better World is a life training skills program designed for students. It teaches us to work hard in order to attain our aspirations in life. And to become better people in future.


Secondary Student They [CAMFED Association members] encourage us and motivate us and give us some instruction so that we grow and be like them.


Secondary Student: CAMFED Association members have been able to help me during the pandemic through my studies by creating WhatsApp groups where students have been able to get the opportunity to share past questions and we have answered them ourselves. And through phone calls they’ve been able to call me to know how I’m doing. And even now that we are in school, they still call me to check up on me.

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