Every Girl Counts - Desderia's story - Video Transcript

Desderia My name is Desderia. I’m in Form 3A. I’m 17 years old. I come from Msasani, Dar es Salaam.


Madame Agnes Mmbaga, CAMFED Teacher Mentor Desderia used to be in my school. Now she’s in this school.


Desderia  My life back then was good because both my parents were here and they took good care of me.


Madame Agnes Mmbaga, CAMFED Teacher Mentor When she came from form one I knew that she was a pure orphan. But I knew that she was living with her brother.


Desderia My brother was not able to support us both through school because he was still in college. I racked my brains wondering what we would do to survive.


Madame Agnes Mmbaga, CAMFED Teacher Mentor When she was in form two I found that she was missing the class sometimes. So I made follow up and I found where the were living, which was not really a good place for her to live because she was living with her sister alone.

But I took a parent’s responsibility to write a letter to CAMFED, to ask them that they should change the girl from home to live in a hostel so that she would be able to to finish the school.


Desderia I was happy and I was very grateful because I knew that if I got help, I would no longer be stressed. If I was stressed I would struggle to continue with my education. Life at the hostel is much better than being a day student. Before there were lots of challenges. Things are different now.


Madame Agnes Mmbaga, CAMFED Teacher Mentor We are very happy now. She’s really grown up. I’m very proud of her really. She’s Head Girl and whatever this girl sees me, she will run and just say, “Mummy, I’m here!”


Desderia In the future, I want to become a teacher, and when I become a teacher, I want to uplift the youth. Especially children, people with disabilities and widows.


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