Event - Women in Africa Leading Climate Action

In the world’s poorest communities, the education of girls is causally related to food supply for children and families, and a reduction in future carbon emissions. Through CAMFED’s Agriculture Guide program, young women in our alumnae association are reaching thousands of people, building climate-smart livelihoods, improving resilience, food security and prosperity in rural communities most vulnerable to climate shocks. This commitment to girls’ education and women’s leadership in climate action earned CAMFED a UN Global Climate Action Award in 2019.

Their project serves as a beacon, guiding us towards a more resilient future for all

Niclas Svenningsen in his presentation of the Award to CAMFED.

CAMFED Association members and leaders in CAMFED’s Agriculture Guide program Forget Shareka and Rufaro Chokera spoke about the work they are doing with young women leaders in Africa who are adopting climate-smart practices in agriculture to help their communities build resilience to climate change. Along with their fellow Agriculture Guides, they are working to equip thousands of women with the knowledge, advice and connections to adapt to extreme weather and optimise the natural resources available in rural sub-Saharan Africa to meet the energy demands of their communities.

This event took place May 20, 2021 to an exclusive audience of CAMFED supporters.

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