Esnath Divasoni: Climate-Smart Agripreneur and CAMFED Association Member - Video Transcript

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Esnath, CAMFED Association Member and Agriculture Entrepreneur I am Esnath Divasoni, CAMA (CAMFED Association) member from Zimbabwe. I’m an agriculture entrepreneur and I love what I do.

I love to introduce the techniques on climate-smart agriculture, I love working with smallholder farmers and I would love to develop CAMA into the agripreneurs that they are supposed to be, because we have a lot of CAMA members who are into agribusinesses and who want to take it a step further and develop ourselves to be sustainable and to be able to provide for our families and to be successful business people.

And I know we can do it because we now have the skills from the degrees that we are learning in different universities and colleges. Thank you.


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