Responding to the challenges faced by aspiring entrepreneurs, the Campaign for Female Education (CAMFED) in Ghana has launched a Mastercard Foundation Scholars Entrepreneurship Fund.

It will give current and former tertiary Scholars the opportunity to apply for capital, to support their ideas for sustainable and scalable businesses that are also making social impact. This is one of several new and ongoing ventures as part of the Transition Program, which is designed to enable young women to make the successful transition from school to enterprise, employment or further education.

Working with our committed partners, including the Mastercard Foundation, we are supporting young women to create economic opportunities for themselves and others. This investment will reap rewards as young entrepreneurs gain financial independence and support the next generation in education and beyond.

John Asibi Ali, National Director, CAMFED Ghana

Given the high levels of unemployment amongst Ghana’s booming youth population, CAMFED and the Mastercard Foundation are working to equip young women with the resources to establish viable businesses that generate income for themselves, and provide employment opportunities in their communities.

The launch of the Entrepreneurship Fund follows a training program that took place in early 2019 for Mastercard Foundation Scholars at CAMFED. Working with the the National Board for Small Scale Industries (NBSSI), CAMFED Ghana staged a four-day training course for 300 Scholars. During the event they were provided with training, start-up kits, access to internships, peer mentoring and tailored support from established entrepreneurs.

Scholars celebrate the launch of the Entrepreneurship Fund

Mastercard Foundation Scholars at CAMFED Ghana celebrate the launch of the Entrepreneurship Fund


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