Young women entrepreneurs in the spotlight on Citi TV Ghana

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Mabruka and Olivia on Cititv

Olivia (left) and Mabruka (right) in the CitiTV studio, Ghana

Citi TV — one of Ghana’s leading television channels — is shining a spotlight on young women entrepreneurs through a series of interviews on its popular Breakfast Daily show.

Catch up on the broadcasts with CAMFED Association members as they share their experience of entrepreneurship: their challenges, successes, and hopes for the future. 

Stay tuned during 2022 to see more young women’s expertise showcased on Citi TV.


Doris and Zenobia

Doris Siibu, an agriculture expert, and Zenobia Wooduwa Asmah, who produces naturally-derived hair products, share insights into how their enterprises are providing benefits to many people in their communities. Both young women are passionate about tackling hunger and malnutrition – Doris by growing varied crops, some of which she donates to vulnerable families, and Zenobia by using profits from her business to provide fruit to school children.  

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Dorcas and Charlotte

Dorcas, a food entrepreneur, and Charlotte, a CAMFED Core Trainer, were both supported by CAMFED to complete Senior High School and are passionate advocates of girls’ education. In this interview, Dorcas discusses her journey to from school to becoming a Tutor at the University of Cape Coast and successful entrepreneur. She explains how she actively supports other girls in her community to stay in school and thrive. Charlotte is a youth activist and Core Trainer, responsible for training CAMFED Guides to deliver vital learning sessions to students. She encourages all girls to say to themselves: “I am beautiful and I can change the world!”

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Edna and Marione

Edna and Marione are graduates of the University of Development Studies, who both studied medicine as Mastercard Foundation Scholars at CAMFED Ghana. They describe how their journeys through education and towards becoming doctors have been smoothed by the support they received, as well as the leadership skills, confidence and peer-support they gained as part of the program. Together, they are determined to break down gender stereotypes and pay forward the benefits of education to others, especially girls.

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Linda and Ayisha

Entrepreneurs Linda and Ayisha share how they are giving back to their communities through their businesses. With CAMFED’s support, Linda is now a final year university student and the CEO of her own agribusiness, Lyn’s Veg, providing fresh vegetables to her community all year round. Ayisha is the founder of a highly successful shea butter business, Asheba Enterprise, having set up shea processing co-operatives benefitting hundreds of women. She also provides mentoring, menstrual products and exercise books to local students with her profits.

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Issabella and Pearl

Fashion designer, Issabella Mohammed, and mechanical engineer, Pearl Ayetteh, share their inspiring career stories on World Youth Skills Day. Issabella used her skills in fashion design and support through the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Entrepreneurship Fund to set up her fashion business, allowing her to train 150 women in skills such as sewing. As a successful female mechanical engineer, Pearl inspires other young women to pursue their passions and to train in male-dominated industries.

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Caroline and Priscilla

Agripreneurs Caroline Domonaa-Ngmen Dari and Priscilla Akoto-Bamfo share how they are supporting other young women in their communities through their own thriving businesses. Through CAMFED, Caroline received skills training in beekeeping and entrepreneurship, now she mentors other young women so that they can establish their own farms. Priscilla also understands “the power of paying forward,” as she uses her experiences of navigating the male-dominated rice industry to mentor other young women entrepreneurs.

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Mabruka and Olivia

CAMFED Association agripreneurs Mabruka Hamza Mogtari and Olivia Kipo share how they navigated challenges on the path to business success, and the satisfaction of plowing back into their communities. Olivia is helping combat malnutrition in her community by making vegetables more accessible, and Mabruka has provided her local secondary school with 3 desktop computers to enable to students gain vital ICT skills. Both young women employ many others from their communities and encourage other young women to train in agriculture.

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Charlotte and Cindy

Sustainable businesswomen Charlotte Ofobiri (interior designer) and Cindy Ateng (agriculture entrepreneur) explain how through their businesses, they are supporting others to thrive in their communities. Charlotte has trained six other employees in interior design and fabrication of furniture made from recycled car tyres, and Cindy is using the proceeds of her greenhouse farming business to support three girls in her community with school supplies and mentoring.

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Jennifer and Pearl

Jennifer Naa Bampoe and Pearl Nikki Quarmyne explain CAMFED’s scalable and sustainable model, spearheaded by thousands of young women like them in the CAMFED Association. Change leaders in this network train as Learner Guides, Transition Guides, and more, to ensure the next generation of girls can learn and thrive. 

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Dorcas and Leticia

Dorcas Asige Apoore, basket weaving entrepreneur, and Leticia Amo, welder and artist, explain how through their businesses, they are providing skills and employment for other women in their communities. Both are defying gender stereotypes – Dorcas as the CEO of an enterprise fulfilling worldwide orders, and Leticia as a female pioneer in a male-dominated vocation. 

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Amina and Dorcas

Food entrepreneurs Amina Mutawakil and Dorcas Babet Kwofie share their experiences of running their businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. During the interview they discuss how being Mastercard Foundation Scholars at CAMFED Ghana helped them overcome challenges to their studies as well as supporting their development as leaders and mentors.

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Mavis and Martha

Mavis Aboko and Martha Fanny Gaisie share their experience of entrepreneurship, its benefits to them as individuals, as well as its positive impact on their wider communities. Both young women are CAMFED Association members and agriculture entrepreneurs from disadvantaged backgrounds who were supported through university by CAMFED and the Mastercard Foundation, before setting up their businesses.

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Business start-up kits for graduates in Ghana

Last month CAMFED Ghana provided 60 young women entrepreneurs with start-up kits, specialist equipment, and training, to enable them to launch or grow their businesses in 2021. As global events continue to impact economies in Africa and around the world, business ventures provide a means for school graduates to support themselves, their families, and communities by creating jobs and prosperity.




I run a business making metal gates, balustrades, window grills, and decorative sculptures. I am training up an apprentice to help me to fulfil my customer orders as the business grows. Through CAMFED, I had the opportunity to speak about my work and my entrepreneurship journey on national television.




Pearl is a voracious changemaker in her community, and, with her fellow CAMFED Association members, a powerful force for change across Ghana and Africa. Together, they galvanize traditional leaders, school leaders and families to address poverty and gender inequality, and make transformative impact.

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