CAMFED Association member, Ghana

Meet Elizabeth, a member of the CAMFED Association (CAMA), from Chiana, Ghana.

To gain her secondary school education, Elizabeth has sold water, cleaned houses, and mixed concrete. Yet many days she still went hungry. From the time she was very young, she excelled in school and was consistently placed at the top of her class, scoring well above her classmates despite having to work and miss additional courses. When she earned enough money, she skipped meals so she could afford a calculator and textbooks.

Her marks were so high that she was asked to be the Girls’ Senior Prefect at her secondary school. She was initially reluctant to accept this leadership role, thinking of all her responsibilities at home. But it was clear that her teachers saw her potential.

“I thought, why me? I must have something in me that they have seen.”

I see children who don’t have what I have. I want to help my community.

When Elizabeth finished secondary school and joined the CAMFED Association, she continued to work at construction projects to earn money to travel for college interviews. Her hard work and high marks in math and science helped her obtain a scholarship to study nursing. Although she’s struggled to stay confident around university students from more privileged backgrounds, Elizabeth is now thriving and is specializing in pediatrics.

As they graduate and transition into jobs, CAMFED Association members are increasing the representation of young, rural women in their chosen fields. As a member herself, Elizabeth is plowing back the benefits of her education into her community through philanthropy and voluntary work. Like thousands of leaders in the network, Elizabeth continues to help girls who are still in school to overcome their challenges and take pride in their stories.

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