Secondary School Teacher, Zambia

I am proud to be one of the 117 young women, newly hired as teachers by the Zambian Teaching Service Commission.

My name is Elizabeth from Kanchibiya district, Zambia. It was such an exciting and unbelievable moment for me seeing my name on the list of the successfully recruited teachers. This was the greatest news that ever happened to me, I was so delighted!

I was the happiest woman in the world on that day, as I started seeing the benefits of my education. 

I’m very grateful because it has become very difficult to find a job in my area, even though I am a qualified secondary school teacher from David Livingstone College of Education, with a diploma in English and Zambian Languages.

Through CAMFED, I gained education experience volunteering as a Learner Guide, at my local secondary school, mentoring students to help them succeed both academically and outside of school. I am also an Agriculture Guide, delivering climate-smart agriculture training to other young women in my community. 

Being a teacher does not only mean managing the classroom and conducting lessons, there are many more facets to being a teacher. As a secondary school teacher I will be there to impart knowledge and wisdom to my learners.  I will focus particularly on students transitioning from school to work or higher education and will help guide them towards a bright future. 

My advice and mentorship will enable the young girls and boys  to realize the importance of education and see it as something which can make them better citizens.

Elizabeth, Teacher, Zambia

I’m so excited to learn new things from my students and the community where I will be stationed.

My personal experience will make me a better teacher, one with patience, ears to listen and the wisdom that every child has different circumstances and therefore needs different solutions.

I will use my personal life experience to help my pupils reach their full potential. Education can change your whole outlook on life from bad to good. An educated person has dreams that are inspired and will strive for greatness. When people are educated, they contribute significantly to families, communities and society in many different ways.

I am proud to be a teacher because through me, many lives are going to be transformed. 

Through teaching, the lives of children change for the better. Teachers are the heroes of society!


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