Education Day 2022: Young women transforming futures

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On International Day of Education, January 24, we’re shining a spotlight on the limitless potential of the girls we serve. 

Meet Khadija, a CAMFED supported student in Tanzania who has grown in confidence through the support and encouragement of Dotto, a CAMFED Association member and Learner Guide. Having faced many barriers to education herself, Dotto did not stand idly by when Khadija needed her help.

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Khadija & Dotto

Hear from Khadija how mentoring from her ‘big sister’ Dotto, a CAMFED Learner Guide, has changed everything for her.  Khadija attends self-development and life skills sessions, called My Better World, run by Dotto, which have helped her grow confident in her abilities.   With holistic support from CAMFED, and the empathy and understanding of Learner Guides like Dotto — who have faced the same barriers to education — many more girls like Khadija are growing in confidence, learning and succeeding —  ready to step up as the women leaders of tomorrow.



“I have changed through this program because I have learned how to value and support others. Now if I discover that another girl does not value herself, I can talk to her and help raise her self-esteem. The program has also given me confidence to ask for help when I need it.” – Khadija, Secondary Student

Now Khadija is confident in her abilities and wants to help other girls to discover their own strengths. When she leaves school, Khadija wants to become a teacher, nurse, or doctor and give back to her community.  

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“Khadija had been coming to school some days and not others because she had no money for pads. So when she approaches her days she informs me and I give her some pads, which has even contributed to the improvement of her attendance. She is progressing well!” – Dotto, Learner Guide

When Khadija was missing classes, Dotto stepped in to find out why. As a trusted mentor and ‘big sister’, the care and reassurance from Learner Guides like Dotto can mean the difference between a girl dropping out or staying in school. 



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Watch an episode of "My Better World" on Aspire Africa's Youtube channel

You can watch an episode of My Better World – a multimedia series inspired by CAMFED’s self-development curriculum, created by Impact(Ed) International with CAMFED support.  The curriculum helps vulnerable children recognize and grow their world-changing “powers” – the inner strengths that help them improve their wellbeing, and that of others.

More Education Day News & Events


Learning Planet Festival Cartier Outlier talk: Lucy Lake

CAMFED’s Chief Executive Officer Lucy Lake beamed into a Women’s Pavilion/France Pavilion virtual roundtable at Dubai Expo 2020 on “Education Heroes Opening Up New Paths.” Lucy joined education changemakers Gitanjali Rao (author and STEM promoter); Siroun Shamigian (CEO of KamKalima) and host Anne-Laure Sellier, Professor at HEC Paris, to highlight the (s)heroes so often missing from the narrative.



Yidan Prize for Education Development awarded to CAMFED Co-Executives

In 2020, CAMFED was awarded the Yidan Prize for Education Development, the world’s largest prize in education. The funding is helping to scale our Learner Guide program. CAMFED’s Co-Executives have joined the Yidan Prize Foundation’s Council of Luminaries, bringing together some of the best minds to create a better world through education. 


University of Cambridge's REAL Centre: Evidence that influences global education spending

An article published on International Day of Education looks back at nearly seven years of work by REAL Centre researchers to uncover barriers to education for the most marginalized children. Their evidence – including data from CAMFED’s program in Tanzania – has convinced the international community that putting disadvantaged students first creates education systems that function for everyone.


Development Dispatch: Angie Murimirwa's reading recommendations

As part of their ongoing series of Expert Recommendations, Development Dispatch asked CAMFED’s Angie Murimirwa to give her pick of education-related publications. It’s no surprise that her top choices include books written by women trailblazers in the sector and reports looking at solutions through a gender and equity lens.

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