Earth Day 2022

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This Earth Day (April 22) join us for a Facebook live event with members of the CAMFED Sisterhood in Zimbabwe and our special guest, Vee Kativhu. Plus, keep learning about girls’ education, women’s leadership, and climate action from our leaders through this round-up of highlights. 

Earth Day 2022 Facebook Live event

If you’re curious about the link between girls’ education and climate change, and how we can all create an inclusive world where gender equity and social justice are a reality, then don’t miss this chat! But if you can’t make it, the event will be available to stream afterwards. 

Watch the event recording and see the photo highlights

Scroll down to discover some of the latest highlights from our young women leaders who are bringing their lived experience and deep expertise to a global audience.   

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Girls' education and climate action

Investing in girls’ education is one of the most powerful ways of tackling the climate emergency. It is the foundation for women’s equal participation in decision-making, green innovation, livelihoods and policy-making.

We’ve seen how the climate crisis disproportionately impacts women and pushes more girls out of school, and we are not standing idly by. 

We are taking action right now to support millions more girls to go to school and to grow up to become the next generation of climate leaders.

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What to watch and listen to this Earth Day

Catch up with our young women leaders as they bring their climate-smart expertise to a global audience.

Skoll Ecosystem Event_Social Media Visual

Harriet Cheelo at the Skoll Virtual Ecosystem Event 2022: Can Solutions to the Climate Crisis Also Address Poverty?

CAMFED’s Harriet Cheelo, a sustainable agriculture expert, represents our movement at the Skoll World Forum Ecosystem event, alongside experts from Proximity Designs, Project Drawdown and Mulago Foundation. Find out how we can solve the climate crisis and address poverty alleviation at the same time. 


Dorcas Lukwesa on this agriculture panel hosted by the African Diaspora Network

CAMFED Association member and sustainable agriculture expert Dorcas Lukwesa joined a group of climate and sustainable food specialists to discuss opportunities, funding avenues, and best practices for shaping the future of the agricultural sector in Africa. Dorcas has developed an award-winning mobile aquaponics system, through which she aims to support rural communities to improve food security and climate resilience.


Fiona Mavhinga and Esnath Divasoni on the BBC Podcast: A classroom full of girls can save the world

Dr Tamsin Edwards, Department of Geography, King’s College London on the BBC podcast “39 Ways to Save the Planet” with Fiona Mavhinga, CAMFED’s Executive Advisor working on strategic development with the CAMFED Association of women leaders, and Esnath Divasoni, a Core Trainer of CAMFED climate-smart Agriculture Guides, and edible insect entrepreneur in Zimbabwe.

Harriet-Cheelo 79397-CAMA-ZAM-EARTH-Graduate-Agripreneur-2022_2.jpg

Harriet Cheelo on Sky News' ClimateCast

Harriet Cheelo, climate-smart agriculture expert, and Catherine Boyce, CAMFED’s Director for Enterprise Development, are interviewed by Anna Jones and Katerina Vittozzi. The episode looks at how girls and women are disproportionately affected by climate change, and how with the right resources, they can take a prominent role in tackling the effects of climate change.

COP26 CAMFED 9th Nov 2021. Photographer: Gaelle Beri

CAMFED's climate-smart experts at COP26 - Green Zone Panel: African Women’s Grassroots Climate Action

On November 9th 2021, CAMFED Association members Fiona Mavhinga, Forget Shareka, Esnath Divasoni and Harriet Cheelo joined a panel chaired by Emma Spicer, Head of the Girls’ Education Department, FCDO, on African Women’s Grassroots Climate Action as part of the COP26 events. 

COP26 CAMFED 9th Nov 2021. Photographer: Gaelle Beri

Forget Shareka at the COP26 Blue Zone round table discussion

At COP26, Forget Shareka, CAMFED Association member and climate expert from Zimbabwe, chaired a round table discussion bringing together youth climate leaders, political actors, researchers, and other key stakeholders to discuss the critical role of girls’ education and women’s leadership in tackling the climate crisis.  

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