Join us this Day of the African Child (June 16) to celebrate the bold steps we are taking together to change the odds for vulnerable girls in sub-Saharan Africa.

It’s in our collective power to change the systems that hold girls back, and that is exactly what we are working on every day.

Hear from Sussana

Sussana’s education journey nearly ended due to the triple disadvantage of gender, poverty and disability, but CAMFED stepped in to support her with material resources so she could stay in school, and connected her to mentoring and counseling from her Learner Guide, Mariam, and her Teacher Mentor, Mr Agbeko. Today Sussana is confident in her abilities and on the path to independence and influence. Her dream of becoming an art teacher is within reach.

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Sussana’s support system is being replicated in communities across Ghana, Malawi, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe. We are:

  • providing marginalized girls with the financial and social support they need to thrive and succeed in secondary school
  • through our Sisterhood, the CAMFED Association, linking girls with a social safety net after graduation, so that – together – they can take their next steps to independence
  • catalyzing action for vulnerable children through support networks established in our communities and partner schools
  • enabling young women’s transition to work and leadership through investment in business skills training, agriculture, financial literacy and much more
  • and partnering with governments to change the systems that hinder girls’ participation in education

Read Sussana’s Story

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Our bold vision to support millions more girls to learn, thrive and lead

CAMFED has been selected by The Audacious Project – which is housed at TED – for our plan to transform the lives of millions of girls in sub-Saharan Africa through the power of community action and sisterhood.

Stay tuned for a TED Talk from CAMFED CEO Angie Murimirwa – coming in early July – that will shed light on how 30 years’ experience and a quarter million-strong Sisterhood will help us realize our vision.

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Watch The Audacious Project interview with CAMFED CEO Angie Murimirwa

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Meet more of our audacious sisters

After graduating from school themselves, they are breaking down barriers to education for thousands more children in their communities.

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Growing up in rural Zambia, every day in education was a challenge to me. Today I am an advocate for girls’ education, working with stakeholders to improve the lives of others and achieve my dream that all girls in Zambia have access to quality education and become independent leaders.

Natasha-D-Mabuza-96511-CAMA-Buhera-ZIM-Jan-2023-4 (1)



Soon after I started junior high school, I had to drop out for two weeks because we could not raise the resources required for me to continue. It was then that I was selected for CAMFED support, through the CAMFED Teacher Mentor and my community. I knew then that I could take ownership of my destiny and utilize this opportunity to change the storyline of my family and my community.




I’m Tatu, a CAMFED Association member, entrepreneur and District Record Keeping Officer from Kilosa district, Tanzania. As a BTEC graduate and former CAMFED Learner Guide, I am a respected leader in my community and serve as a role model to marginalized girls who dream of reaching further in their education. However, my path to success was not an easy one. 




As a passionate champion for girls’ education, I have grown a well-established reputation in my community and beyond, as an anti-child marriage activist. I regularly facilitates awareness campaigns around child marriage, speaking out in front of large groups of parents and children, teachers and school committee members, together with local traditional leaders, mother support groups, social welfare officers and the police.




At an early age I decided I wasn’t going to be invisible. I promised myself that I would give a voice to marginalized girls everywhere. Now I seize every opportunity presented to share the perspective of girls and young women who remain unseen and unheard.




I'm Malumbo, a climate-smart agriculture expert from Malawi. I am helping to build resilience to climate change and support this generation of girls to thrive in education.

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