CNN’s Zain Asher speaks to Angeline Murimirwa

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CAMFED Executive Director Angeline Murimirwa joins Zain Asher on CNN to discuss how girls' education leads to women's empowerment and social justice.

On December 30, 2021, CNN’s Zain Asher spoke to CAMFED Executive Director Angeline Murimirwa. In the interview, Zain and Angie explore how leadership and entrepreneurship ignited by girls’ education challenges traditional gender norms. They discuss the power of ‘social interest’ in CAMFED’s Learner Guide model, whereby young women in Africa have the opportunity to access business loans and repay the interest by volunteering in local schools. As well as benefiting women on low incomes, the program creates respected role models and leaders who are empowered to create positive change in their communities.

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Watch CNN One World with Zain Asher and Angeline Murimirwa

Zain and Angie discuss how girls’ education is the foundation for women’s leadership, gender equality and social justice, and the power of young women paying back interest on loans through service at their local schools, rather than dollars.

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Meet Chise, a Learner Guide and CAMFED Association member from Mpika, Zambia. She is passionate about supporting vulnerable children to stay in school, donating essential school supplies of pens and books to 10 children in her community. She is also tackling the issue of child marriage, and has helped twin girls at risk of early marriage to remain in education.

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An Education Sector Stakeholder Meeting held on September 23 in Dar es Salaam, co-hosted by CAMFED Tanzania and the Tanzania Education Network/Mtandao wa Elimu Tanzania (TEN/MET), saw the government of Tanzania underscore support for scaling CAMFED’s award-winning Learner Guide Program across the school system.



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The Yidan Prize Foundation, dedicated to a creating a better world through education, named CAMFED Co-Executives Angeline Murimirwa and Lucy Lake as 2020 laureates of the Yidan Prize for Education Development, the world’s largest prize in education.

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