CAMFED's Youth Enterprise Strategy - Video Transcript

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Text over moving imagery CAMFED’s Youth Enterprise Initiative. There is a critical period when girls graduate from school, with few job prospects. Financially insecure, young women still face the risks of early marriage and exploitation. CAMFED is dedicated to breaking that cycle of poverty, starting with education and later youth enterprise initiatives.

Just one initiative in Zambia led to the creation of over 3,000 businesses owned by women and the creation of 4,000 jobs for the community. With financial agency women have the choice to delay marriage and motherhood, leading to smaller healthier families, and a commitment to their family’s education. 76% of the business women can already fully finance the education of the children in their care. 

Many give back to the community through volunteer work. Such as leading discussions on early marriage, as well as sexual and reproductive health. The entrepreneur program has: increased self confidence… with 92% viewing themselves as role models… and 96% are confident that they are on track to achieve their ambitions. 

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