CAMFED Zimbabwe today announced that Dr. Shungu Gwarinda will join the team in January 2022 as Executive Director. Dr. Shungu Gwarinda has a deep understanding of CAMFED’s model and shares our organization’s values. She brings a wealth of experience in the area of education and women’s leadership in the region, most recently in her capacity as the interim CEO and Director of Programs at the Graça Machel Trust.

We’re excited to have Shungu join our movement at this important moment, as uncertainties around COVID-19 and the effects of climate change threaten the education of millions of girls and young women. Together, we will work to ensure that the most marginalized girls received the financial and social support to learn, thrive and become independent, influential leaders in their communities and beyond.

Angeline Murimirwa, Executive Director – Africa

Shungu recently joined Angeline Murimirwa, CAMFED’s Executive Director – Africa, in several round table conversations, including  the first event of a three-part conversation event series under the theme The Future of Humanitarian Action: The Power of Communities, co-hosted by Devex and the Hilton Foundation, and entitled “The power of girls’ education and women’s leadership to transform communities, countries & economies.

A warm welcome to Shungu from the entire team of CAMFED, and everyone in our global movement for girls’ education.

Meet Dr. Shungu Gwarinda:


Dr. Shungu Gwarinda

Dr. Shungu Gwarinda is a seasoned public administrator and organisational leader with twenty years professional experience, ten of these in leadership roles in the development sector. Shungu started off her career as an Advanced Level teacher in Zimbabwe, after graduating with a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree (Hons) in Education at Africa University. A strong advocate for the empowering value of education, she later pursued her Master’s in Public Administration, and earned her Doctorate in Public Administration in 2013, from the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, where her research focused on the role of non-governmental organisations in social policy in Zimbabwe.



Watch Devex conversation #1: The power of girls’ education and women’s leadership

The first conversation in the online series hosted by the Hilton Foundation and Devex under the theme "The Future of Humanitarian Action: The Power of Communities" addresses the power of girls' education and women’s leadership to transform communities, countries and economies. Join CAMFED's Angeline Murimirwa, Dr. Shungu Gwarinda, Director of Programmes of the Graça Machel Trust, and Fadzi Whande, Senior Diversity & Inclusion Adviser, Executive Direction and Management, Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

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