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Mwamba, CAMFED Association Member, Zambia My name is Mwamba. I am a CAMA (CAMFED Association) member from Samfya, Zambia, and this is my restaurant. When I completed Grade 12 we were taken to Lubwe by CAMFED where we received training in leadership and entrepreneurship. Then I got a small grant from CAMFED which I used to start my business. This restaurant has made a big difference in my life because now from the profits I earn, I am able to support four orphans and I am also able to pay two employees, that I have at the restaurant.

I feel very happy because I am influencing change in other people’s lives… so that they can achieve the same thing that I have. And also be able to provide for my own needs has made me value myself, and it has brought me a lot of respect from society.


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