CAMFED, the Campaign for Female Education, is launching Sisterhood Week, an awareness week that highlights the power of sisterhood, and rising by lifting others.

The week – due to take place in early July every year – is inspired by the anniversary of CAMFED’s African sisterhood of girls’ education activists, the CAMFED Association, founded in July 1998.

This year’s Sisterhood Week launches on Monday, July 10th.

It coincides with

  • the 25th Anniversary of the CAMFED Association, which is now more than 250,000 women strong across Ghana, Malawi, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe, and
  • the release of a new TED Talk by CAMFED CEO Angeline Murimirwa, a founding member of the CAMFED Association, which addresses the power of sisterhood to ignite collective action for the most vulnerable girls, ensuring that they have the support they need to go to school, learn, thrive and transition to lives of independence and leadership.
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What you can do to celebrate Sisterhood week

There are so many ways you can get involved:

Watch Angie's TED Talk on
Sisterhood goes beyond gender. It's about rising by lifting others, and it is for everybody who believes in creating equity and opportunity through girls' education. So welcome! Join us!
Angie Murimirwa, CAMFED CEO and founding member of the CAMFED Association, our African sisterhood

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