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Don't miss our experts at the UN Climate Change Conference on Monday, November 14th - Live stream

Join CAMFED’s young women leaders, climate activists and experts at COP27 in a session streamed live on November 14, 2022. 

This is our third time attending the UN Climate Change Conference since CAMFED received the UN Climate Action Award in 2019. We’ve been accelerating our climate education, climate justice and equity work ever since, and invite you to find out more at this critical time for our planet.

Discussing climate education in the classroom and the community, with equity at its heart

We are discussing the impact of climate change on girls’ education in rural sub-Saharan Africa; how climate education builds climate resilience among children and communities (and what climate resilience means in our context); as well as insights and learning from CAMFED’s climate education programs.


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WATCH: “Climate Education for Resilience and Equity in sub-Saharan Africa”

It’s not too late to watch our 1-hour panel discussion and audience Q&A at COP27 moderated by Catherine Boyce, CAMFED International’s Executive Director for Enterprise and Climate with:

This session was recorded live on Monday, November 14, 2022

Watch CAMFED's COP27 session
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Meet our climate education experts and activists on CAMFED's climate-smart teaching farm in Chinsali, Zambia

Young women in rural Zambia are teaching climate-smart agriculture, growing resilience, fighting hunger, creating jobs, keeping children in school – and creating a more equitable world for all of us.

Meet some of the climate game changers in the CAMFED Association – our network of leaders educated with CAMFED support – and the CAMFED Champions and partners making our dream a reality. That dream? To have a teaching farm of our own where young people can learn the skills they need to sustainably grow nutritious food, and build community resilience to climate change.

Good nutrition is key to keeping children in school, and the leadership of educated young women on this farm is breaking down gender stereotypes, and inspiring more girls to aim high.

Thanks to a generous gift of land by the late Senior Chief Nkula, who fervently believed in the power of girls’ education and women’s leadership, and investment by CAMFED’s extraordinary donor partners, we’ve got big ambitions for this farm. Watch the video to find out more.

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Are you ready to educate more climate leaders?

CAMFED supports girls through school and beyond the school gates, providing young women with the skills they need to learn, thrive and lead.

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Learn more about the link between girls' education and climate action

Meet some of the experts in our movement working to grow food security, nourish school communities and educate the next generation of climate activists.

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“Growing up, I hadn’t been fully aware of climate change, because at that time it wasn’t introduced in terms of knowledge or education, but I remember having many debates with my grandparents about why there was a change in the weather patterns.”


Harriet’s expertise was critical to the development of the Chinsali training farm and she is representing our Sisterhood at COP27.




“I am proud of the progress made by my learners, seeing them become more confident and resilient through my mentoring and guidance.

With the skills I have learned in my role, I feel better equipped to tackle community issues.”


Naomi’s lived experience informs her work keeping girls in school supporting communities with climate-smart agriculture techniques.


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Video: Angie Murimirwa in conversation with Soledad O’Brien – Highlights

“We cannot talk about climate justice without allowing girls and young people the opportunity to sit in a classroom and get the education that they need.”

CAMFED’s leader Angie Murimirwa links her own story to CAMFED’s work on girls’ education, women’s leadership and climate resilience.

CAMFED's climate leaders in the media

Cindy-Ateng-770006-CAMA-Environmental-Advocacy-at-former-primary-sch-Tamale-Metro-GH-Zuame-Buta-March-2021-ZAB_6731 (1)

The Hechinger Report: The world is waking up to education’s essential role in climate solutions

This article in The Hechinger Report highlights the power of CAMFED Agriculture Guides, who are helping their rural African communities to adapt and prosper in the face of climate shocks and food insecurity.


NPR: Why keeping girls in school is a good strategy to cope with climate change

Anya Kamenetz (Goats and Soda/NPR) speaks to  Tawonga Zakeyu, a CAMFED Association member and climate-smart agriculture expert from Malawi. 



Global Citizen: 7 Women Changing the Future of Farming in Africa

Meet 7 CAMFED Association members who are cascading sustainable farming techniques to young women farmers, and tackling climate change at the same time. 

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