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Mercy, Learner Guide, Zambia From the time that COVID affected our country, life has changed drastically in that we are unable to implement activities as we had planned, as CAMA members. Also, being a business lady, it hasn’t been easy for me to actually do my orders from various countries, specifically from South Africa, as they have been in lockdown.


Bernice, Tertiary Student, Ghana Being in the houses in this era of the pandemic has been a little bit challenging, especially when it comes to online learning and effectiveness of studies as compared to being in school.


Mwila, District Secretary, Zambia People are using leaves, just leaves, to cover up their mouth. People are using ashes as hand sanitizers. People are washing their hands just with water only, they are not using any soap because they cannot afford it.


Rose, Core Trainer, Malawi We as CAMA members have taken an urgent response to make sure that girls are safe and protected from the disease and also do not get pregnant or married early, as well as meeting the needs that are associated with COVID-19. As CAMA, we are visiting primary and secondary school-going girls in their homes and sensitizing them on preventive measures of COVID-19.


Charity, Teacher & Entrepreneur, Zambia I never just think about myself. I also thought of other people in my community who are vulnerable. These are aged people, the orphans: boys and girls. I did a charity by giving them the free masks.


Lynette, Tertiary Student, Zimbabwe It is our norm to give back to our community during our vacation [from uni]. In our community we have a borehole (well), which caters for more than 50 households. Therefore, it needs our attention to keep people away of coronavirus. Together with my fellow CAMFED Association members, in my community we have provided handwashing liquid at this borehole.


Phydes, District Program Officer, Zambia And we’ve also continued to support a child-headed family, which we adopted some time back. We have continued to support them with foodstuff because we know that this time this is the worst time for them.


Victoria, Teacher, Malawi We are trying our best to encourage the students who stay at home now to continue with their studies so that their study experience should not get out of their minds.


Judith, Entrepreneur, Zimbabwe We are helping children with correct information about the pandemic of COVID-19. We are providing them handouts from the Ministry of Health and clearing the myths and misconceptions which they have. We are also providing reading materials, encouraging them to read so that they won’t be left behind when schools reopen.


Diris, Program Officer, Tanzania Currently, we are working with various stakeholders to ensure we have stations in radio and TV so that to reach out to the majority with this education on how they can prevent themselves from COVID-19. Also, parents’ roles in this period to support their students. Basically, the aim is to ensure that the students return back to school safely with enough knowledge, and we don’t want to see students fail or dropping out from school.


Pearl, Core Trainer, Ghana Despite the COVID-19, the [life skills] session is very interactive because there is a replica of the session that is done on radio and on WhatsApp. And so we have learners also asking questions via WhatsApp and getting the learning facilitators to better explain the concepts or the models that they talk about.


Mary, Program Coordinator, Tanzania What we do now is making communication with the parents, by calling them through the phone, talking to the student directly and understanding the challenges they face at the home. And also connecting them with important figure like social welfare who can solve the challenges when becoming bigger.


Saitama, Learner Guide, Tanzania I know we are going through a tough time, but I urge all the Learner Guides out there to stand up as one, stay united, stay strong and stay safe for their family.


Doreen, Transition Guide, Zambia As the saying says, “It is not about the cost of education, but what it will cost when you don’t have it.”


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