For this year’s Africa Youth Day, we asked some of the 120,000 members of the CAMFED alumnae network, CAMA, the question: “What does CAMA mean to you?”

Watch this new video to see the deeply felt responses from educated young women in the movement, including trainee doctor Joanna (who takes over CAMFED’s Instagram today) and law student Rosalinda. Now in its 20th year, their network for good continues not only to offer sisterhood and support to its members, but also to transform communities, countries and an entire continent.  

To me CAMA is a family that when you’re heartbroken, when you feel all is lost, or when you have nothing, you can turn to.

Rosalinda, CAMA member & law student

Joanna takes over CAMFED’s Instagram

CAMA’s young women share a background of rural marginalization and poverty. Joanna, who is taking over CAMFED’s Instagram account this #AfricaYouthDay, grew up in a family of eight. With her parents struggling to find work, her education was far from secure. To add to her difficulties, she was left with a disability following a medical error that caused nerve damage in her leg. Despite this experience, Joanna was unwavering in her ambition to become a doctor, and qualified for a CAMFED and Mastercard Foundation scholarship to pursue Medicine at university. Asked why CAMA is important to her she comments: “To be able to impact somebody’s life, to see the smile on someone’s face, I think that alone is fulfilling enough.”  

Similarly, Rosalinda faced hugely challenging circumstances growing up, particularly after the death of her father. Seizing every opportunity she could at school, today she is studying Law at university. Rosalinda volunteers as a Learner Guide, giving her time and resources to keep vulnerable children in school. She told us: “When I find myself in the CAMA community I just forget my problems because I’m doing something to help someone. I’m doing something with them.”

With great determination and resilience, these young women have overcome the obstacles they once faced. Having felt the transformational effect of education on their own lives, they’re deeply committed to ensuring others can follow where they are leading.  

Please cheer on Joanna — and all our CAMA alumnae — on social media (@CAMFED) this #AfricaYouthDay:

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