Belawu and Issah - Video Transcript

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Issah, CAMFED Association Member I met this girl when she came to the office crying that she needed help to further her education. I remember the day CAMFED supported me. I was in her shoes, I wasn’t able to go to school. I was at home. I didn’t want her to go through the same pain as I went through.

So we decided to help her in the little way we can, any amount we have. So when we contributed, we used parts of the money to pay her fees, and the money that was left was used to buy books and sanitary pads for her. We wanted to make an impact in the world. That’s why we helped Belawu. We feel that if we help her today, tomorrow she will be able to help someone and that’s how the world will change.

Belawu, Secondary Student, Ghana I think education will help to change my life.

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Alashiya Gordes €20

Vicky Etherington £30

Sebastien Bonvalet-Nicolle $200

Andrew Shields £100

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Marcel Bollag $500

Claire Wilshaw £100

Joanna Panosky $500

Nicole Distler €25

Gilbert and Carol Kachmar $50

Aku Limbanga $50

Alastair Reid £100

Cathy Eijk €11

Fred Andrle $100