Behind the Scenes - Baking a birthday cake for Meghan - Tisiyenji and Monica - Video Transcript

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Tisiyenji Hi! How are you?


Monica I’m good, good morning. Hello. My name is Monica. I’m a graduate of Liminary bakery, and I did my apprenticeship here. Today I’m baking a cake for Meghan Markle’s birthday. I’m baking a lemon cake. So it is just to appreciate to celebrate her birthday. So it will have some fruit design.


Tisiyenji So for me here, I’m doing almost the same. I’m going to do a lemon-blueberry cake. It’s the first time I’m doing it. I have my fingers crossed.


Monica Okay.


Tisiyenji And for the toppings, when it comes to frosting, my town doesn’t have white butter as of now, we only have the baking butter so I’m going for vanilla whip. Then also do a fruit theme. With COVID-19, orders for us have slowed down.


Monica Yeah. It is everywhere. This cafe has slowed down a bit. I’m in the kitchen so this is where I love to be. Always in the kitchen, always doing things. It’s the best. That is my strength.


Tisiyenji You can easily get lost in the baking, especially you find that you forget it’s lockdown, you forget it’s COVID-19, you just zone out.


Monica You know, life is a journey. So life is not just straight forward. No matter how life is, they can still be, their life can still be as beautiful as this cake. Happy Birthday Duchess of Sussex!

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