CAMFED Association member, Learner Guide, and snacks entrepreneur, Tanzania

My name is Ashura, a CAMFED Association member from Nyamagana district in Mwanza region. The CAMFED Association is a network of educated young women supported by CAMFED, who join together to support vulnerable children. My position in this leadership network is as the secretary of Nyamagana district.

I am proud to be a member of the CAMFED Association as it has helped me to have confidence, understanding of what I need in my life and for how long, and how to fulfill my dreams.

In my education journey I had a challenge when my father had an accident and this led to a lack of basic necessities as he was the main breadwinner of our family. I worked for different people to earn money and buy basic supplies; this was before I met CAMFED.

Education is important to me as it is the foundation of my life and without education I am equal to nothing.

After completing secondary school in 2017 I started a business to meet my basic needs. I chose this business after realizing that there is a shortage of snacks in homes, meetings and forums, as well as restaurants. So I started a snacks and drinks business with a capital of 8,000 Tanzanian shillings (about 3.50 in dollars), using it to buy peanuts, cooking oil and packaging.

In 2018, I trained as a CAMFED Learner Guide*, and got the opportunity to grow my business using an interest-free loan of 400,000 Tanzanian shillings (about 170 dollars) through CAMFED’s partner KIVA. Now, the development of my business is good and I have been able to make more products and attract more customers.

Products sold by CAMFED Association entrepreneur Ashura in Tanzania

A selection of Ashura’s products

What I love about my business is getting advice from my customers and also giving them the opportunity to do so. Through them I will be able to do my business and my products become better. My ambition is to grow the business, to be known for what I do, and to get more customers as this will lead to becoming a great entrepreneur.

If young people open a business, society will be free from poverty. Young people will overcome dependency and will grow the economy. I want the community and the whole world to know about my snack business and know me, because I am very committed to helping other girls.

My message to girls is about the importance of education and striving to read no matter what challenges they go through. Being strong to make sure they achieve their dreams.

I would like to tell stakeholders and donors of CAMFED that we need their cooperation in ensuring the My Better World self development curriculum, delivered by Learner Guides in the CAMFED Association, is recognized for its importance within the community.

I feel happy to be part of the CAMFED Association network because I am learning a lot. The network has encouraged me to start my own business and have the spirit of helping others, which is a blessing.

I wish every CAMFED Association member to fight for their dreams without giving up.

*Ashura’s training as a Learner Guide was made possible through funding from the UK government’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) under the Girls’ Education Challenge.

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