CAMFED’s 2020 Annual Review looks back on a year that tested all of us in unforeseen ways, with the long term consequences of COVID-19 and climate change continuing to threaten global gains for women and girls.

Our power at this critical time comes from our grassroots leadership – the young educated women in the CAMFED Association, who will stop at nothing to make sure girls stay safe and keep learning. And it comes from all of you, who joined and supported our movement at this pivotal moment.

Our partner schools and communities are continuing to reel from months of school closures, having to cope with loss of livelihoods, increased food insecurity and hunger, while also facing a significant digital divide for marginalized students with no access to online learning resources. Our CAMFED Association leaders and community champions have been rallying together, galvanizing support networks around vulnerable children, providing invaluable learning and social support, and equipping young people with Indigenous and innovative farming knowledge to build climate resilience and address malnutrition.

At the peak of COVID-19 pandemic, we worked with teachers to visit girls at home, dividing them into groups for study circles. We provided them with sanitizers, masks, hand wash, buckets, and COVID-19 guidance. We also met with girls and their parents to advise them to avoid child marriage. Lastly, we did a radio advocacy campaign, having a program on air that was guiding girls to continue studying even though schools are closed.

Winnie, CAMFED Association member, Malawi

Agility in a global crisis – keeping girls safe and learning

Our movement has proven agile and responsive, continuing to grow in size and determination. CAMFED Learner Guides and Transition Guides worked ceaselessly to keep children learning, and support young women in their transition from school into secure livelihoods, including in climate-smart agriculture.


CAMFED’s 2020 Annual Review

The numbers below reflect our cumulative achievements since 1993. By the end of 2020:

  • CAMFED had supported 4,816,933 students to go to primary and secondary school.
  • We were partnering with 6,787 government schools across 163 districts in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Ghana, Tanzania and Malawi.
  • 177,899 young women leaders in the CAMFED Association joined forces with community members — including parents, teachers and local leaders — to keep supporting the most vulnerable girls and young women.
  • 10,806 young women had been trained as CAMFED Learner Guides (or life skills mentors) reaching more than a million students.
  • 9,867 young women had been trained as CAMFED Transition Guides, supporting more than 127,940 school graduates on the path towards independent livelihoods.
  • 33,481 CAMFED Association members had started a business.

Download the CAMFED 2020 Annual Review

The downloadable report highlights the partnerships and leadership that made these achievements possible, underscoring the commitment to education and equity of tens of thousands of young women who know first hand what it feels like to see their education – and their entire future – under threat.

We stand proud of all of our partners, supporters, donors and champions who continue to put their faith and investment into our unstoppable social movement. Together we can!

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