CAMFED Annual Review 2018

Today CAMFED (the Campaign for Female Education) released its 2018 Annual Review. The latest numbers speak to the power of young women’s leadership: 140,000 educated young women in the CAMFED Association, CAMA, now spearhead our programs, united by an unrelenting commitment to ensure that no girl is excluded from education.

With [CAMFED’s Association,] CAMA, the women who have been through and been supported, you know you’re with women who are strong and powerful, going to change their communities, change their nations, and I ultimately think will change the continent of Africa.

Julia Gillard, 27th Prime Minister of Australia, Chair of the Global Partnership for Education, and Patron of CAMFED

1 million girls on the path to success

In 2014, we set ourselves the ambitious goal of supporting one million adolescent girls through secondary school and into secure livelihoods within just five years. By the end of 2018, with one year to go, we had reached 96% of our target. Figures unveiled in the Annual Review show that CAMFED Association members and communities more than tripled international donor support at secondary level, demonstrating the sustainability and scalability of our grassroots-led approach.

Together we have to give more girls the chance we got. All of us stand here today as a living testament to the potential wasted when children are denied their right to education. Together, we are an unstoppable movement for change.

Tisiyenji, CAMFED Association leader, Zambia


Some of our 2018 headline numbers

  • Our leadership network, the CAMFED Association, grew to 138,018 members
  • 117,480 students were supported to go to primary  and secondary school through international donor funds
  • 706,867 students were supported to go to primary  and secondary school by CAMFED Association members
  • 344,599 students were supported to go to primary  and secondary school by our partner communities
  • By 2018, 7,044 CAMFED Association members had been trained as Learner Guides (life skills trainers and mentors), reaching 625,531 students
  • By 2018,  3,916 CAMFED Association members had been trained as Transition Guides, supporting graduates on the journey to higher education, entrepreneurship or employment, reaching more than 65,000 young women
  • 2,058 CAMFED Association members started a business in 2018

Read our 2018 Annual Review

A celebration of partnership

In 2018, our incredible partners and supporters stepped up behind the CAMFED Association, growing our movement’s global reach. Young women leaders seized platforms through high profile events hosted by The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust, the Skoll Foundation, the UK Department for International Development and the Obama Foundation. The Annual Review is an opportunity to thank all who are investing in girls’ education and women’s leadership, fundraising and spreading the word about our vision.

Together we’re united in the knowledge that girls’ education and women’s empowerment is the closest we have to a silver bullet in the fight against poverty, inequality and climate change. With your support we have unlocked a powerful force for change – the CAMFED Association, with the potential to transform Africa and the world.

For full financial statements for USA and UK visit our Finance page

Thank you to our generous recent donors

Together we are breaking the cycle of poverty


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