CAMFED awarded Al-Sumait Prize for African Development

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We are thrilled that CAMFED has been awarded the 2023 Al-Sumait Prize for African Development.

The Board of Trustees of the prestigious Al-Sumait Prize chaired by Kuwait’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Abdulah Ali Al-Yaha has selected CAMFED for its “outstanding contribution to advancing education across the African continent.”

Established in 2013, the Al-Sumait Prize honors the lifelong commitment of Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Sumait to improving health, education, and food security in Africa. This exceptional value prize is awarded by Kuwait’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and managed by the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS).


Commended for a "relentless pursuit" of inclusive education

CAMFED works to tackle the barriers to education — including financial, material, psycho-social and gender-specific challenges — for girls from disadvantaged rural communities across Africa. We have developed a proven solution that helps students to thrive in school, and equips them with the skills and community support they need to succeed after graduation.

Graduates in the CAMFED Association of women leaders become teachers, healthcare workers, and climate-smart entrepreneurs, with many training as Learner Guides, to equip children at their local schools with the life and learning skills they need to become independent, influential and climate-resilient.

Together with partners in Africa and globally, we are transforming education systems to better serve the needs of all children.

We are thrilled to be honored with the Al-Sumait Prize, and to join so many inspirational organizations committed to unlocking Africa’s extraordinary potential. Thank you for shining a spotlight on the power of girls, young women and their communities, and recognizing that it takes all of us to ensure that every child secures their right to learn, thrive and lead change in this generation.
Angeline Murimirwa, Chief Executive Officer, CAMFED

CAMFED's reach and impact

  • 7.2M

    Since 1993, we have supported 7.2 million children to go to school in Ghana, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe, including 2.2 million girls at secondary school

  • 279K

    The CAMFED Association - our powerful network of women leaders educated with CAMFED support - is 278,959 strong and counting

  • 3X

    Evidence shows that girls supported by CAMFED are three times less likely to drop out of school

  • 95%

    Learning outcomes among girls supported by CAMFED have significantly improved, and 95% say they are better able to shape their life goals

The young women spearheading our movement


CAMFED Association

We are the CAMFED Association, Africa’s largest and fastest-growing peer support and leadership network of young women activists for girls' education. We share a common background of exclusion and marginalization, and an unstoppable determination to ensure that every girl secures her right to go to school, learn and thrive.


Learner Guides

CAMFED Learner Guides return to their former schools as role models and mentors, helping marginalized children to stay in school, learn with confidence, succeed, and create a better world for themselves and their communities. As "Big Sisters" Learner Guides have the empathy and expertise to unlock the limitless potential of vulnerable children, especially girls, in their rural communities.

Thank you to our generous recent donors

Together we are breaking the cycle of poverty


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