This year, Africa Youth Day (November 1st) marks the beginning of Africa Youth Month (#AYM2020), under the theme: “Youth Voices, Actions, Engagement: Building A Better Africa.”

To contribute to the conversation and the action, Zimbabwean-born Varaidzo (Vee) Kativhu, award-winning education content creator and social mobility ambassador, met up with CAMFED Association leaders Linda Bhebhe and Natasha Mabuza via zoom. They discussed mentorship, leadership, and the importance of role models for girls’ education in marginalized communities. Watch their inspiring conversation, and learn more about their education journeys and world-changing ambitions, below.

If you don’t know who CAMFED are, you should definitely get to know them and sign up for their newsletter. I’ve been following them for years and absolutely adore what they do for girls’ education.

Vee Kativhu

Linda and Natasha were among the first CAMFED Association members to work in the field of Information Technology, although their background deprived them of access to technology until they joined university. Now they have big ambitions for Africa’s youth.

Being educated made me realize my purpose, my strengths, and the fact that the world needs me, and that I have what it takes to help out someone in this world, and make the world a better place for everyone.

Linda Bhebhe, CAMFED Association leader, Zimbabwe

You know what my grandmother said when I graduated? She said that you have not only graduated from Ashesi (university), but you have also graduated from poverty, from hunger, and from inequality.

Natasha Mabuza, CAMFED Association leader, Zimbabwe

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