Secondary Scholar, Zimbabwe

Patience leads a small study group

Addlight is a high school student from Kwekwe district in Zimbabwe. She was identified as being vulnerable to dropout by members of the CAMFED Association, Michelle and Chreanagy. They raised Addlight’s challenges with the Community Development Committee, who selected her to receive a holistic package of support from CAMFED.

As trained Learner Guides, Michelle and Chreanagy are able to provide a vital link between school and home, and have been providing additional support for students like Addlight during the COVID-19 pandemic and associated school closures. Here is Addlight’s story in her words:

“Before l was enrolled for CAMFED support l was rarely in school because of lack of fees. l spent most of the time being sent back home and because of that l was slowly losing hope of ever having a better tomorrow.

Ever since CAMFED enrolled me, my hope began to rise again and I now see myself going places with education because of CAMFED support. I want to salute CAMFED for giving hope to young girls like me and for reducing the number of early marriages and school dropouts by monitoring us.

Education is the key for us to succeed, education is a milestone for us to achieve our dreams, without education life is hard for us.

Life is very difficult. COVID-19 has made things worse for me. My uncle, whom l [currently] live with, used to work as a vendor before the lockdown but now he can no longer go out to earn that little money and he cannot pay our rent on time. School closure has made me feel out of place.

I want to thank the CAMFED Association members for helping me with the small Whatsapp study group. It is now easier for me to study. I wish I could get more opportunities for extra tutorials. If this school closure continues, I fear that my studies and my future will be affected.

My advice I would like to give to other colleagues is that we have to work hard especially when you are given an opportunity to go to school.

My dream is to become a Food Scientist and I am certain that CAMFED’s support will see me through the journey of my dreams. My goal is to change my mother’s lifestyle as well as to have a better life for myself.”

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