A powerful blog post penned by CAMFED’s Joana Guo articulates our organization’s commitment to speaking out and taking action against social injustice in all its forms.

We must tackle injustice and inequities collectively, wherever we are faced with them — from the deeply embedded, systemic racial injustice causing untold anguish and calls for fundamental reforms in the USA and globally, to the gender inequity which perpetuates cycles of powerlessness, poverty and abuse. Both – often compounded – deprive all of us of the leadership we so sorely need to create a world that respects, uplifts, sustains and values every human being equally. This is the time for education and action.

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We can make a significant change in the history of humanity if we collectively fight the injustices in our society.

Joana Guo, Senior Programs Officer, CAMFED Ghana

The coronavirus pandemic has thrown into stark relief the inequities across societies. And racial justice protests in the USA have sparked introspection and activism across the globe.

Joana calls on all of us to “get off the fence” and address inequities in our own communities. In her society, injustices affecting girls and women — from child marriage and exclusion from education, to gender-based violence and unpaid care work — rise during and after a crisis such as the current coronavirus pandemic.

We need to learn and act, getting behind those who have lived social injustice, recognizing their expertise and joining forces to dismantle it for others.

This is the kind of activism we all need to seize. You are part of the problem if you choose to keep quiet in the face of injustice and abuse.

Joana Guo, Senior Programs Officer, CAMFED Ghana

Read the full post: Act Now and Don’t Sit on the Fence

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