CAMFED 2021 media highlights: Our movement on the global stage

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Interviews and insights in 2021

As we look back on 2021, we are grateful to all the journalists and writers who took the time to learn about our movement, speak to our women leaders, and bring their voices and expertise to national and global audiences, underscoring that those with lived experience of exclusion are the experts in what it takes to get girls into school, help them to learn, support them to succeed, and unlock their power to lead. 


Some of our 2021 Media Highlights

WYSIWYG-Body-image_Subira-210423-Stumai-54930-Hilda-777925-CAMA-LG-Chalinze-TZ-Oct-2019-Eliza Powell_DSC_1282

CNN: Zain Asher explores the power of social interest

Zain Asher and CAMFED’s Angie Murimirwa explore how leadership and entrepreneurship ignited by girls’ education challenges traditional gender norms.


Refinery 29: Dorothy Sam on what it's like to be 29 in Ghana

In a feature on 29-year-olds across 29 different countries, Dorothy Sam, CAMFED Association member and trainer of Learner Guides, shares her experience.

Dorcas-Lukwesa-89884-CAMA-Agripreneur-Resolution-Fellow-ZAM-at-Auburn University-USA-Aug-2021_IMG-7449 (1)

Forbes: Dorcas on sustainable farming through Aquaponics

Forbes’ Andrew Wight interviews CAMFED Association member Dorcas Lukwesa from Zambia about her solution to hunger and the effects of climate change.


Ms. Magazine: Judith Msindo’s Op Ed

CAMFED Association leader and education activist Judith from Zimbabwe writes for Ms. Magazine about the transformative power of education.


NPR: Angie Murimirwa speaks to Marc Silver

Marc Silver met CAMFED Executive Director Angeline Murimirwa in 2018, and he caught up with her again to discuss current challenges to education equality. 


BBC: Girls' education for saving the planet

CAMFED Association leaders Fiona Mavhinga and Esnath Divasoni discuss the global good of girls’ education and women’s leadership in the BBC’s ‘39 Ways to Save the Planet’.


CNBC Africa: Angie Murimirwa on the impact of COVID-19

On World Day of Social Justice, CAMFED Executive Director Angeline Murimirwa spoke on CNBC Africa about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on girls’ education.


The Guardian: CAMFED cited as important aid agency

CAMFED was cited by Phillip Inman in the Guardian (UK) as perhaps most important aid organisation of the moment, as he addressed the life-saving power of girls’ education and vaccines.

Students at a school in Chikomba District in Zimbabwe.

Forbes: CAMFED and ethical fashion brand Marcella

This interview with Siyana and Andy Huszar in Forbes explores the philanthropy partnership between New York fashion brand Marcella and CAMFED – with an emphasis on sustainability and ethics.


Ghana Web: Sally Ofori-Yeboah shares the benefits of CAMFED's Learner Guide Program

CAMFED Ghana hosted a Learner Guide open day in Mankessim, Central Region for stakeholders, policymakers, administrators and students.


Women Making Waves Podcast: Forget Shareka speaks to Suzie Thorpe

Forget Shareka, a CAMFED Association member and climate-smart agriculture entrepreneur tells her story to Linda Ness and Suzie Thorpe on the Women Making Waves podcast. 

George-Yaw-Adorshie-Paulina-Addy-Robert-Patrick-Ankobiah-Sally-Ofori-Yeboah-MoU-Ministry-Food-Agriculture-Accra-GH-Nov-2021_Linda-Ogbedei- Laryea-11-56-27

Business Ghana: CAMFED signs MoU with the Ministry of Food and Agriculture

CAMFED Ghana has partnered with the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MOFA) to champion sustainable, climate-smart agricultural practices. Our National Director, Sally Ofori-Yeboah, signed the MOU.

Esnath-Divasoni-with-parents-Marondera-Zim_BBC_WhatsApp Image 2021-01-05 at 20.25.30

BBC Radio 4: Esnath Divasoni shows Charlotte Ashton her cricket farm

Esnath Divasoni is a trainer on CAMFED’s Agriculture Guide program and farms insects in Zimbabwe. Charlotte Ashton meets this pioneer who is eager to promote the role of women in African agriculture.


The Guardian Tanzania: Nasikiwa Duke on supporting women in agriculture

Nasikiwa Duke, Program Director at CAMFED Tanzania, discusses our new partnership with Sokoine University Graduate Entrepreneurs Cooperative (Sugeco) to support careers in agriculture.


Sky News: Harriet Cheelo on the feminist solution to the climate crisis

Sky News hosts Anna Jones and Katerina Vittozzi meet CAMFED Association member Harriet Cheelo from Zambia to explore the role of girls’ education and women’s leadership in the fight against climate change.


Ghana News Agency: Sally Ofori-Yeboah spotlights CAMFED's Mobile Learning Lab (MLL) project

In partnership with 60 Million Girls, CAMFED’s Mobile Learning Labs (MLLs) are improving the quality of delivery of basic education for students in rural and marginalized communities.


Ashley Judd's Instagram: Linda Bhebe takes over

On International Day of the Girl, CAMFED Association member Linda Bhebe took over actor and UNFPA
Goodwill Ambassador Ashley Judd’s Instagram profile to showcase young women’s activism for girls’ education.

Harriet-Cheelo 79397-CAMA-ZAM-EARTH-Graduate-Agripreneur-20201

Inside Climate News: Harriet Cheelo champions education as a climate solution

Harriet Cheelo, CAMFED Association member and sustainable farming expert, spoke to Inside Climate News about the importance of educating girls as a matter of social and climate justice.


Devex Op Ed: Angeline Murimirwa and Lucy Lake share their insights

CAMFED Co-Executives Angeline Murimirwa and Lucy Lake urge the global education community to tackle the inequalities that are at the root of the problems that perpetuate girls’ and women’s marginalization.

Reuters: Esnath Divasoni speaks to Mark Hillsdon

Mark Hillsdon speaks to Zimbabwean farming pioneer Esnath Divasoni, who is championing insects (especially crickets) as a low carbon protein source in her rural community.


Solvable Podcast: Angeline Murimirwa speaks to Ronald Young Jr.

Angeline Murimirwa, CAMFED Executive Director – Africa, speaks to American political journalist Jacob Weisberg,  explaining how girls’ exclusion from education in low income communities is solvable.


Devex: Forget Shareka and Catherine Boyce speak to Rumbi Chakamba

Rumbi Chakamba speaks to CAMFED Association member Forget Shareka and CAMFED’s Catherine Boyce about the growing awareness that educated girls and women need to be at the heart of climate change solutions.


Al Jazeera: Esnath Divasoni spotlights her cricket farm

CAMFED Association member and climate-smart agripreneur Esnath Divasoni speaks to Veronique Mistiaen about bringing a sustainable protein source to her rural community in Zimbabwe. 


TED Talk: Angeline Murimirwa on social interest

Angie’s talk introduces the revolutionary concept of ‘social interest,’ a whole new approach to lending, which allows young African women to gain access to business loans, and to pay back the interest by volunteering in local schools. 

COP26 CAMFED 9th Nov 2021. Photographer: Gaelle Beri

Scientific American: Forget Shareka shares her story

Forget Shareka, CAMFED Association member and entrepreneur, explains to Arabic Scientific American how educating girls improves communities’ resilience to climate shocks, and empowers women to become leaders of sustainable change. (Right click to translate)


Forbes: Angeline Murimirwa speaks to Kim Starkey

Angeline Murimirwa, CAMFED Executive Director – Africa, discusses how young women in our Sisterhood – The CAMFED Association – are plowing back the benefits of education into their communities and supporting the next generation of girls.


The Scotsman: Forget Shareka tells her story

CAMFED Association member and climate-smart entrepreneur Forget Shareka shares her story with The Scotsman after participating in two roundtables at COP26 in Glasgow.


El Comercio: Dyness and Otilla share their stories

El Comercio spotlights two stories from CAMFED Association members Dyness in Zambia and Ottilia in Zimbabwe in the context of CAMFED’s Princess of Asturias Award for International Cooperation. (Right click to translate)


20 Minutos: Fiona Mavhinga speaks to 20 Minutos

Fiona Mavhinga, CAMFED Association founding member and Executive Advisor, attended a week of ceremonies in Spain when CAMFED was recognized with the Princess of Asturias Award. Here she speaks to 20 Minutos. (Right click to translate)


El Pais: Angeline Murimirwa explains the urgency of investing in girls' education

CAMFED’s Angie Murimirwa explains the complex barriers marginalized girls face to education, and what we are doing about it, in this interview in Spain’s daily newspaper.  (Right click to translate)

Rita Nignasub,Grace Donbeinaa,Ahala Ganiwu_2 (1)

Devex Op Ed: Decolonizing aid and mindsets

We’re thrilled to feature in this seminal blog about decolonizing aid and mindsets, which cites CAMFED as a sustainable, locally-led initiative improving girls’ access to education and tackling issues including child marriage and poverty. (Right click to translate)


La Nueva España: Interview with Fiona Mavhinga

An interview with CAMFED Association Executive Adviser, Fiona Mavhinga, who joined our Chief Executive Officer, Lucy Lake, to attend several days of celebratory events marking the 2021 Princess of Asturias Awards.  (Right click to translate)

Mwangala-Mvkelabai-CAMA-Summit-Zambia-Zambia-Anke-Adams-28-Nov-2018-DSC09459 cropped

The Guardian: Mwangala Mukelabai on International Day of the Girl

Mwangala Mukelabai, a CAMFED Association member from Zambia, took over CAMFED’s Twitter channel on International Day of The Girl, and was quoted in the Guardian’s piece on the advocacy value of international days.

Princess of Asturias Awards Week, Learn, Thrive, Lead event with local schools.

La Voz de Asturias: Lucy Lake and Fiona Mavingha meet Asturian students

CAMFED Chief Executive Officer Lucy Lake and CAMFED Association Executive Adviser Fiona Mavhinga interacted with local students during the 2021 Princess of Asturias Awards week in Spain. (Right click to translate)


NBC: CAMFED and New York ethical fashion brand Marcella

CAMFED features in this mini documentary on NBC with Siyana and Andy Huszar, who examine purposeful partnerships and sustainability. Their ethical fashion business supports CAMFED’s work.


Vanity Fair España: CAMFED with Gloria Steinem at the Asturias Award ceremony

CAMFED joined Gloria Steinem as a recipient of the Princess of Asturias Award in Spain this year. This articles examines the importance of feminist movements for a more equitable world. (Right click to translate)


The Gulf Times: Lydia Wilbard at the WISE Summit 2021

Lydia Wilbard, National Director, CAMFED, Tanzania highlights the long-term impact of Covid-19 on education and discusses the way forward at the WISE Summit 2021.

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