University of Cambridge helps girls go to school in Malawi

Posted Feb. 23, 2010 in Malawi, United Kingdom, Fundraising, Press Coverage

Staff, students and alumnae at the University of Cambridge have raised more than £43,000 ($68,000) for girls in Africa since Camfed was chosen as the University’s 800th Anniversary Charity of the Year for 2009. With these funds, 240 girls in Malawi will be supported to go to secondary school.

“The education of girls resonates down the years,” says Camfed Executive Director Ann Cotton. “I have no doubt that 800 years from now generations will be feeling the impact of these girls who were able to convert poverty to prosperity through education as a result of University members and alumnae.”

Over the next year, Camfed would like to raise enough money to support 800 girls through school to celebrate 800 years of education at Cambridge. We need your help! It costs just £15 ($25) a month to provide everything a girl needs to succeed. Help us reach our goal here.