As COVID-19 continues to impact education systems around the world, Kim Starkey has written in Forbes about how highly effective organizations are responding to mitigate the predicted fallout, including learning loss, increased dropouts, and higher inequality.

“The effort to find opportunities to improve education delivery and access in the long run is already underway, spearheaded by high-performing social sector organizations that are working nimbly and with tenacity to address the unprecedented challenges of this moment.” - Kim Starkey, President and CEO of King Philanthropies

In the article, she points to CAMFED’s strength lying in our network of CAMFED Association members (women leaders educated with CAMFED support) and CAMFED Champions (parents, teachers and local leaders). Our experts, who live in the rural communities we serve, are innovating using WhatsApp, radio broadcasts, posters and small in-person sessions to help out-of-school children continue learning where there is little or no access to the internet, television or electricity. They are also distributing essentials including food, soap, and sanitary pads to girls and their families.

“It is a daily inspiration to witness the tenacity of the young women in our network in responding to this crisis. Having completed their own education against all odds, they are stepping up in extraordinary ways to beat the odds for other young people affected by this pandemic.” - Lucy Lake, CAMFED CEO