Inclusion is power: CAMFED 2018 highlights

When a girl is excluded from education, she is powerless.

Powerless in the face of hunger.  Powerless over her body.  Powerless to break the cycle of poverty for herself, and for her future children.

Our alumnae tell us that inclusion is power. And every day they use their new-found power for good.

Whether you are an individual donor, a CAMFED champion and fundraiser, a partner government official, or working for the many institutions, trusts, foundations or corporate partners in our movement...please know that:

When you support the Campaign for Female Education, you are giving a young woman the power to change the world.

Together we have ignited an incredible momentum. As 2018 draws to a close, and we kick off our 25th anniversary celebrations, we’re proud to share these highlights with you.

THANK YOU for supporting today’s and tomorrow’s young leaders in Africa!

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