CAMFED: 1 million girls on the path out of poverty

Filmed in Zambia and Ghana, this movie introduces international NGO CAMFED. CAMFED works in partnership with government schools and communities in rural sub-Saharan Africa, tackling poverty and inequality by supporting marginalized girls to go to school, and empowering young women to become change makers in their communities.  Joining the powerful CAMFED Association after school, young women access training and peer support, and multiply the benefits of their education by supporting many more vulnerable children through school. They are giving back as teachers, nurses, doctors, entrepreneurs and philanthropists. After reaching the milestone of directly supporting more than 1 million children in education, in 2014, CAMFED set the ambitious target to support one million more girls through secondary school and into independence within 5 years. 

Thank you to ELMA Philanthropies for making this film possible.