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Please donate today and help us to work faster and go further to support women and girls.

With schools in many countries closed for long periods, we know from experience that marginalized girls will be hardest hit. They are least likely to return to school and are vulnerable to an increased risk of early marriage and adolescent pregnancy, which will perpetuate the cycle of poverty in their communities. Your support can help us continue to be there for girls and women through this crisis, and beyond.


Your support can help us take concrete action NOW to:

  1. Bridge the information gap to combat misinformation in rural communities on COVID-19 prevention measures
  2. Provide critical resources, essential supplies and food to children made more vulnerable by the outbreak
  3. Train and equip young women as para-educators to deliver remote learning resources and psycho-social support for children outside of the school system
  4. Provide business support to young women whose livelihoods are endangered by changes in supply and demand
  5. Provide the basic necessities girls need to re-enrol when schools reopen
  6. Support connectivity among CAMFED’s decentralized district and national operations teams, so that we can stay highly responsive to the changing situation in our partner communities

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