Help Camfed support more girls to go to school by organising workplace fundraising. Get your colleagues and company involved in raising funds and awareness for girls' education. Whether you organise a raffle, a clothes swap or bake sale, you and your team mates can be a part of Camfed's campaign.

Here are a few ideas of how to get creative and inspire others to get involved:

Extra Vacation Day Raffle

Ask your boss if the company will give out an extra vacation day to the cause and let co-workers buy raffle tickets for $20 and hold a lunchtime drawing for the extra vacation day

Donated Box Tickets

If your company has a box at sporting events or concerts, ask if the company will donate two tickets to the cause, and then raffle off the tickets to family and friends or sell them online

Casual Not Friday Day

Ask your boss if the employees can wear their casual clothes on a day besides just Friday, and have them give $10 to your campaign for the privilege and comfort of dressing down twice in one week

Trivia Lunch

Shake up the usual midday slump with a fast-paced game of trivia – split up employees into teams, draft up trivia questions, and ask each player to give $10 to play for three rounds, giving the winning team a prize

Send a Treat-Gram

Offer employees the opportunity to send a candy bar, can of soda, or other sweet treat with a personalized message to encourage, congratulate, or just say “hi” to someone else in the office for $5

Teambuilding Event

Team build and fundraise at the same time by hosting an event with your co-workers, whether it’s an obstacle course, a Friday afternoon kickball tournament, or scavenger hunt, you can get your whole office involved for a good cause

Browse our fundraising page for all you need to get involved and our FAQ page for more information. If you don’t find the answers you need, or for more fundraising ideas, please get in touch by emailing [email protected]

Thank you for helping to send more girls to school to receive the education they deserve!

 Ready to start your work fundraiser?