Celebrate your birthday, wedding or other special occasion by asking for a gift that never goes out of style and that you will never tire of. When you ask for donations in lieu of gifts or by holding a collection for Camfed, you make a life-long difference to whole communities in rural Africa. 

It costs $150 to send a girl to school for a year. With this life-changing opportunity young women are becoming empowered and stepping us as role models and leaders of change in their communities. The impact of educated women in rural communities is proven to turn the tide of poverty and bring about sustainable change.

By fundraising in celebration, you will be an essential part of the movement of change being lead by women educated with Camfed’s support.

By setting up a personal fundraising page, your friends and family will be able to donate to your celebration instead of buying you a gift.

If you have any questions, please get in touch by emailing [email protected]

Mary Blair & Burt Kummerow's WeddingMary Blair & Burt Kummerow's Wedding

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